The Water of Hercules

Today, the number of people who can recall the image of Malnaș Băi before the regime change in 1989 is dwindling. For understandable reasons, there are even fewer of those who, even as children, experienced the blessings of interwar spa tourism. The history of the bathing village, which began in the 1840s when the Semsey family built a bathhouse and a bathing pool, mainly for their own use, can only be guessed from books. The inauguration of the Hercules Bath in 1893 with the two pools is a clear proof of progress, as as the bottling of the medicinal water by Siuclia Rt. (limited company by shares). On the advice of doctors the water was also used by Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, and the water from the Maria Spring bottled for a long time has also helped many people with stomach problems. 
The iconic Ilona Villa has since collapsed, but the holiday resort, 22 kilometres north of Sfântu Gheorghe in the widening valley of the Olt, is still worth a visit. Together with the hotel, the mineral water of the old Herculean spring will be bubbling in the bath center, which is currently awaiting a tender for a complete renovation, the healing effect of which, according to experts, has not changed at all.

Samu Csinta

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