The Legacy of the Apor Girls

Eight different tiny, ashen-grey, or whitish mineral water springs. It’s a rarity in the world, free sulphuric acid can be found nowhere else in Europe, only in North America, in the waters of the Vinaigre River, in the hot springs of New Granada in the state of Tennesse, and on the island of Java. And above Băile Bálványos, along the road to the Grand Hotel Bálványos. 
For years, only those who knew exactly what was there stopped at the bathing spot of the Apor girls. As with most traditional baths, the place began to deteriorate, until in 2015 it was given a chance no one hoped for. The Vinca Minor Association, the caretaker of the Ciomad-Balvanyos Natura 2000 site, invited the members of the Bath and Community Building movement to renovate the bath together. The old pools were rebuilt, the protection of the springs was ensured, paths and barriers protecting the area, changing rooms and resting places were built. 
The Apor family, who built the bath in the past, would be proud of its current state. Signs, information panels invite you inside, offering footbaths, and cavities for mouthwash and eye-wash – it is advisable not to mix them up… –, small and large pools. Due to its high iron content, the foot soak can help people with skin, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular diseases, while eye-waters are used by people with conjunctivitis, stye, and cataract. But be careful with the mouthwash if you want to spare your tooth enamel. 
Samu Csinta

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