Spring in Covasna County

I love winter, I love the cold, the first and heavy snowfalls, the frozen nature, but now, in the middle of March, I think it’s time for spring to come. I believe many of us are now waiting for nature to come to life again, for the monotonous greyness to be replaced by the vibrant colours of spring. 

I love the spring in Covasna County when the main square of Sfântu Gheorghe fills up with life again, and the terraces, the park, and the streets of the town are bustling. When you can let off steam after a long day at work by cycling, walking, or even running to Băile Șugaș. And if you’re in the mood for a glass of lemonade, you can chat about what’s going on, and if you’re hungry at the end of the day, you can choose from a selection of the best restaurants. 

On weekends, you can visit the Birch Tree Forest in Reci, the Óriáspince Roof, or the Vârghiș Gorge, as there are so many natural attractions to explore. 


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