On Two Wheels to Șugaș Băi

It’s indeed almost the end of autumn, but remembering the beautiful yellow landscape gives me a nostalgic and very warm feeling. In autumn, I'm out in nature whenever I can. I love it when the pleasantly warm sunshine pervades me, the yellow and red glow of the leaves fills me with energy, and I love spending this time actively. There is nothing more delightful and relaxing than pedalling a bicycle while immersing myself in my thoughts and admiring the landscape. 

One of my favourite routes is the road to Șugaș Băi. The charming yellow meets the greyness of the asphalt, creating a lasting impression. The 10 km long distance is ideal for physical exercise, relaxation, thinking, and enjoying the landscape. I like to take a break between the gentle slopes, recharge at the spring, then take a short walk to the top of Șugaș Băi and then literally roll home. But besides these, Șugaș Băi offers countless recreational opportunities: an adventure park, climbing wall, pistes, tennis and mini-golf courses, ordinary and small pool spas are at the guests’ disposal, and several well-marked hiking and mountain bike trails are in the surrounding forested mountains. Șugaș Băi is worth a visit!

Orsolya Kovács

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