My bucket list autumn experience

My favourite season is autumn. I love the yellow-brown colours and the last pleasant rays of the sun. And where else could it be more wonderful than in nature? Taking in the beautiful colours on foot, by bike, or even on horseback. 

Covasna County offers countless opportunities for recreation in nature. There are signposted hiking and cycling trails, but several riding stables organise horseback rides, or one can admire the yellow landscape even from a bird's eye view, from a hot air balloon. Yes, you read it right, from a hot air balloon. 

Your bucket list wish can come true in Covasna County! It's a thrill to take off, to watch the people and then the trees disappear as the basket of the balloon is rising higher and higher into the clouds. Up in the sky, everything becomes calm, time slows down, and we find ourselves only living in the moment. We watch as cars are zipping along the road, the farmers are harvesting their fields, and we are moving further and further away. The experience is indescribable.

Orsolya Kovács

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