On horseback in Covasna County

I loved horses as a child. My grandfather used to plough the garden with a horse, while I would admire the landscape from horseback. I was very young, and the truth is, I don’t have many memories of it, but maybe that’s where my love of horses started. It continued in the riding stables during my school years. Then I stopped riding. I didn’t even think about it for years until I moved to Sfântu Gheorghe and wandered into the riding stables of the nearby village of Arcuș. 

After the many years break, the first few meters in the riding arena were rather tense. But I had the trainer on my side, who watched all of our tiny movements. We got used to each other with the horse step by step until the moment came, and we ventured outside the walls of the riding school.

The feeling of galloping through the fields on horseback is indescribable.  We dart around among the trees and bushes, go through hills and streams, sing, laugh, and become one with nature. 

I’m grateful because I could experience this again after so many years, and I’m glad I got a chance to do it. I recommend to everyone who comes to Covasna County to try it and go riding at least once.


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