Horses and Stations

On the occasion of the 550th anniversary of King Matthias Corvinus’ accession to the throne, the first National Gallop was held in 2008, dedicated to the memory of the Hungarian Hussars, to foster national traditions, create links between settlements, and build bridges. Since 2011 the Szekler Gallop has also joined the preliminary round of the festival race, traditionally held in Heroes’ Square in Budapest, reaching this year its fifteenth edition. 
At this time, half of Szeklerland sets off in the direction of the Óriáspince roof above Moacșa in search of the treasure of togetherness, of the experience of a common identity, even if no one can find the treasure of the legendary giant buried here. In the spirit of the motto of world champion equestrian Lajos Kassai - "Let us not follow our ancestors, but what our ancestors followed!" - this year, from 17-19 June, we can prepare for three days of equestrian fun and relaxation. There will be archery, stunt riding demonstrations, a hussar skills competition, a new event, the Góbé Olympics, and a major cultural event, the folk-rock opera titled “St. Ladislaus, the Knight King”, performed by the National Equestrian Theatre. 
And as an eternal gift, accessible at all times, there is the magnificent scenery of Covasna County. And there lies the unique Way of the Cross leading to the top of the hill, with its stations with 12 gates - at the end of which is a stone altar under a platform made of trees, reminiscent of a yurt - reminding us of the turbulent centuries of Covasna County.

Samu Csinta

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