Haszmann Tales

He believed that it was necessary to contribute to forgetting the centuries-old role confusion, to help young people develop their interest in saving values without making them feel it intrusive. Among others, Pál Péter Haszmann considered this to be his task. The first guided tour of the late director of the Haszmann Pál Museum in Cernatu de Sus coincided with the founding of the museum, the folk high school, and the Bod Péter Cultural Association in February 1973. Afterwards, many thousands of people, mostly schoolchildren, listened to uncle Pali explain, for example, about the agricultural machinery on display in the museum garden. He also told stories about the machines, interspersed with Hungarian history and the history of the settlements, so that the visitor could get a comprehensive picture of the development of Hungarian agriculture and machine production after the Austro-Hungarian Compromise. So that they can get to know the example of the Szekler handyman Antal Végh, whose statue is at the entrance of the museum garden, as the Végh plough practically revolutionised agriculture in the area. Because the ways of saving values are unpredictable. 
For almost a year now, Pál Péter Haszmann has not been explaining at the museum residing in the Damokos Mansion, just over eleven kilometres from Târgu Secuiesc. However, the institution, which will be 50 years old on 25 February 2023, remains one of the most important cultural destinations in the region. A place to be added to one’s bucket list.

Samu Csinta

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