Ghelința, inspiration for great ancestors

“Anyone who, while in Ghelința... did not take a hike along the valley of the stream, would miss a great pleasure because the most interesting landscape among the mountains hides there shyly. At the confluence of the two streams – where Ghelința Mare and Ghelința Mică meet – it rivals the beauty of the Tușnad Strait.”
This vivid description comes from the great chronicler of Szeklerland, Balázs Orbán, and it is not worth trying to compete with it. We might only add that one can visit the Roman Catholic church dedicated to Prince Saint Emeric in Ghelința, one of the most beautiful villages in the Upper Covasna County, halfway between Târgu Secuiesc and Covasna. Vestiges of the Romanesque era attest to the building’s early existence, and 14th-century frescoes can still be admired on the interior walls of the carefully restored church. Among them, the series of murals depicting the legend of Saint Ladislaus, one of the most famous in Ghelința, is, according to experts, a unique fusion of our Eastern and European ecclesiastical and secular traditions. For more information, see the works on the subject published by art historian Mihály Jánó. 
After you visit the church, don’t forget Balázs Orbán’s advice. You know, the “hike” to the confluence of the streams of Ghelința Mare and Ghelința Mică…

Samu Csinta

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