Bicfalău, a wealth that spans centuries

There can be few places in the world like Bicfalău, 19 kilometres from Sfântu Gheorghe: a small village of around 350 inhabitants, with more than 30 still existing mansions. Some of them are on the path to remain in ruins forever, others have been drastically “modernised” by nouveau riche owners, and fortunately there are some whose present owners are touching up the houses built in the erstwhile golden age of the village with skilful hands and sensitive spirit.
The village still reflects the former social structure of Háromszék and its role in defending the frontiers. It enjoyed a particularly high degree of freedom, possessed large community estates, and its prestige was enhanced by the fact that the 5th Company of the 2nd Szekler Frontier Regiment was stationed here. The former wealth of the settlement is reflected by the mansions built from stone, with smaller or larger porches, situated on spacious estates. The charm of Bicfalău lies in the wonderful natural environment, the old trees of the large properties, the spacious orchards, the old farm buildings, the small paths, streams and board fences resulting from the set structure of the settlement, as well as the blend of charming dwelling-houses and small shingled farmhouses. A late Renaissance, early Baroque atmosphere pervades the village, making it truly worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage status.

Samu Csinta

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