The Osonó Independent Theatre


Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania


Since it first appeared in 1993 up until this day the Osonó Theatre has presented its performances in the big cities of the world, from Bangkok to Hamburg, but also in numerous places inside our country. It won more than 16 national and international prizes. In 2012 the Hungarian National Ministry of Resources awarded the theater with the Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Community Prize, which is the highest acknowledgement in the category of independent theatre amongst Hungarian speaking territories. The award was handed to Osonó Theatre for its outstanding cultural and educational activity.

Apart from permanent staff members the Osonó Theatre also works with students from the „Plugor Sándor” Art College and students from the Sfântu Gheorghe Popular School of Art, theatre section. This collaboration helps the students get involved in the Theatre's projects and fulfil their artistic expression and communication needs.

In Hungarian, the word „Osonó” means "the one who silently approaches/sneaks in". This is in close connection with the type of theatre they promote: the Osonó slowly sneaks around the dark or luminous places people get about their lives,
eavesdrops at the young people's secrets and watches them while they reveal their dreams, fears, obsessions and happiness. They then build a story around these and this way the fiction becomes a seductive mirror for the audience, in which they can recognise themselves.

Founder and leader from 1993 to 1998: Salamon András. Leader from 1998: Fazakas Misi.

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