Vâlcele Bath Center

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DN13E, Vâlcele 527175, România


The center has two bathing pools, one with hot water and the other with cold water, four bathrooms with tubs proper for hydrotherapy with sulfur mineral water, where the center uses water of the spring known as “Erzsébet”. Here is also found a Finnish sauna and a saline room.
Locals talk about the water in the area that it was used to cure skin or digestive system diseases, for recovery from paralysis and even to cure cancer. The center uses mineral water from the Elizabeth spring, it is a ferruginous, sparkling, calcium and magnesium-rich mineral water. In drinking cure, the mineral water is recommended for hyperacidity disorders, bile and ureter treatment, and jaundice follow-up treatment. The hot water bath are recommended for the treatment of peripheral blood-vessel problems, locomotor disorders, high blood pressure and coronary sclerosis.

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