The Cooper’s Room

I like travelling, discovering new places, and learning about new customs. But unfortunately, as is often the case, it is difficult to get off the treadmill. The constant work, the stress, the lack of time… I’m already happy when we can get out into nature for a short break at the weekend. 

But if we do have a bit more time, I try to choose more special locations. That’s how we ended up at the Daniel Castle in Tălișoara.  Built in the early 17th century, the rooms of the Renaissance and classicist castle are magnificent. We chose the Cooper’s Room. The wood paneling on the open bathtub, alongside the traditional woody atmosphere, helps to tune out to the modern rush of the outside world. The Cellarium Slow Down Spa is a source of tranquility and recharging. The castle’s cuisine is based on the finest traditional Transylvanian recipes, prepared according to the standards of modern gastronomy. The reinterpreted dishes not only offer a glimpse into the distinctive local flavours but also a memorable culinary experience. 

At Daniel Castle, you can escape the noise of everyday life. As advertised, the emphasis is on cleansing and regeneration so that you can return to daily life with renewed energy. 


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