Major in the square

It is very likely that most of the photographs of Târgu Secuiesc were taken before that. Since 1971, the main square of the guild town has been dominated by the sculpture by Sándor Oláh from Nagyvarjas, which was created in 1942, “inspired” by a sculpture competition. The statue commemorating Áron Gábor, the legendary cannon maker of the War of Independence in Háromszék, who died a heroic death at Kökös, was erected in Nagyvárad in 1943, its first place was the square in front of the then Áron Gábor Cadet School, but history soon relegated the work.

The Major’s return home was made possible by the momentary favourable political conjuncture after the establishment of counties in 1968, and in September 1971 it took up its ever since immovable place. The origin of the process is a former teacher-student correspondence, Dr. Lajos Kováts wrote to the poet-journalist Árpád Farkas: “...I would like to ask you a favour in the case of a mutual acquaintance, what’s more, very good friend of ours, residing in Oradea, who has lost his place here, and no matter how good it is to see my only friend here, we must find him a place at home.” Lajos Sylvester, publicist and then chairman of the county cultural committee, played a leading role in bringing the statue home.
The Major leaning on the cannon has attracted the gaze ever since, it is a popular meeting place, lending a special charm to the unique architectural style of the guild town’s main square.

Samu Csinta

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